Note: To send record assignment notifications, an SMTP server must be configured in Email Settings.

Warning: To safeguard your data, the installer must be locked by setting 'installer_locked' to 'true' in the config.php file.

Security Groups Management: Configure

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Additive Rights User Role Precedence
User gets greatest rights of all roles assigned to the user or the user's group(s) If any role is assigned directly to a user that role should take precedence over any group roles.
Strict Rights Filter User List
If a user is a member of several groups only the respective rights from the group assigned to the current record are used. Non-admin users can only assign to users in the same group(s)
New User Group Popup Use Creator Group Select
When creating a new user show the SecurityGroups popup to assign the user to a group(s). When a record is created by a user in more than one group show a group selection panel on the create screen. Otherwise inherit that one group.

Group Inheritance Rules

Inherit from Created By User Inherit from Parent Record
The record will inherit all the groups assigned to the user who created it. e.g. If a case is created for a contact the case will inherit the groups associated with the contact.
Inherit from Assigned To User Inbound email account    
The record will inherit all the groups of the user assigned to the record. Other groups assigned to the record will NOT be removed. Only allow access to an email account if user belongs to a group that is assigned to the mail account.  

Default Groups for New Records

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