Note: To send record assignment notifications, an SMTP server must be configured in Email Settings.

Warning: To safeguard your data, the installer must be locked by setting 'installer_locked' to 'true' in the config.php file.

System Settings


User Interface

Listview items per page: Subpanel items per page:
Prevent user customizable Homepage layout: Prevent user customizable subpanel layout:
Maximum number of SuiteCRM Dashlets on Homepage: Show Full Names:  Information
Display server response times: Display module icon as favicon  Information
System Name: Minimum Dashlet Auto-Refresh Interval  Information
Current Logo: Information $mod_strings.LBL_LOGO
Select Logo: Information
Lead Conversion Options: Information Configure AJAX User Interface Information
Disable convert lead action for converted leads:  Information  
Display actions within menus:  Information  
Enable inline editing on list view:  Information Enable inline editing on detail view:  Information
Collapsed subpanels:  Information

Proxy Settings

Use proxy server? Information


Enable click-to-call for phone numbers Information


Validate user IP address: Log memory usage:
Log slow queries: Slow query time threshold (msec):
Maximum upload size: Display stack trace of errors:
Developer Mode:
vCal Updates Time Period: Information Import - Maximum Number of Rows: Information

Logger Settings

Log File Name Extension Append after filename
Maximum log size Default date format
Log Level Maximum number of logs (before rolling)
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