Note: To send record assignment notifications, an SMTP server must be configured in Email Settings.

Warning: To safeguard your data, the installer must be locked by setting 'installer_locked' to 'true' in the config.php file.



Create, edit, activate and deactivate users in SuiteCRM.
admin_user_management Created with Sketch.  User Management Manage user accounts and passwords admin_role_management Created with Sketch.  Role Management Manage role membership and properties
admin_password_management Created with Sketch.  Password Management Manage password requirements and expiration admin_security_suite_settings Created with Sketch.  Security Suite Group Management Security Suite Group Editor
admin_security_suite_group_management Created with Sketch.  Security Suite Settings Configure Security Suite settings such as group inheritance, additive security, etc    


Configure the system-wide settings according to the specifications of your organization. Users can override some of the default locale settings within their user settings page.
admin_system_settings Created with Sketch.  System Settings Configure system-wide settings admin_import_wizard Created with Sketch.  Import Wizard Use the import wizard to easily import records into the system
admin_currencies Created with Sketch.  Locale Set default localization settings for your system admin_upgrade_wizard Created with Sketch.  Upgrade Wizard Upload and install SuiteCRM upgrades
admin_currencies Created with Sketch.  Currencies Set up currencies and conversion rates admin_backups Created with Sketch.  Backups Backup SuiteCRM files
admin_currencies Created with Sketch.  Languages Manage which languages are available for users admin_repair Created with Sketch.  Repair Check and repair SuiteCRM
admin_global_search Created with Sketch.  Global Search Configure the global search options for the system. admin_diagnostic_tool Created with Sketch.  Diagnostic Tool Capture system configuration for diagnostics and analysis
admin_connectors Created with Sketch.  Connectors Manage connector settings admin_themes Created with Sketch.  Themes Choose themes for users to be able to select
admin_scheduler Created with Sketch.  Scheduler Set up scheduled events admin_activity_streams Created with Sketch.  Activity Streams Enable the user feed and module feeds for the My Activity Stream dashlet.
admin_password_management Created with Sketch.  OAuth Keys OAuth key management    


Manage outbound and inbound emails. The email settings must be configured in order to enable users to send out email and newsletter campaigns.
admin_email_settings Created with Sketch.  Email Settings Configure email settings admin_inbound_email Created with Sketch. image/svg+xml admin_inbound_email  Inbound Email Set up group mail accounts for monitoring inbound email and manage personal inbound mail account information for users
admin_inbound_email Created with Sketch.  Outbound Email Configure outbound email settings admin_campaign_email_settings Created with Sketch.  Campaign Email Settings Configure email settings for campaigns
admin_email_queue Created with Sketch.  Email Queue Manage the outbound email queue    

Developer Tools

Create and edit modules and module layouts, manage standard and custom fields and configure tabs.
admin_studio Created with Sketch.  Studio Customize module fields, layouts and relationships admin_rename_modules Created with Sketch.  Rename Modules Change the names of the modules appearing within the application
admin_module_builder Created with Sketch.  Module Builder Build new modules to expand the functionality of SuiteCRM admin_configure_module_menu_filters Created with Sketch.  History Subpanel Enable/Disable contacts' emails in history
admin_configure_module_menu_filters Created with Sketch.  Display Modules and Subpanels Choose which modules are displayed in the navigation bar and which subpanels are displayed system-wide admin_module_loader Created with Sketch.  Module Loader Add or remove SuiteCRM modules, themes, language packs and other extensions
admin_configure_module_menu_filters Created with Sketch.  Configure Module Menu Filters Create and edit module menu filters admin_dropdown_editor Created with Sketch.  Dropdown Editor Add, delete, or change the dropdown lists

Google Maps

Manage your geocoding, testing geocoding, view geocoding result totals and configure advanced settings.
admin_system_settings Created with Sketch.  Google Maps Settings Configuration settings to adjust your Google Maps admin_geocoded_counts Created with Sketch.  Geocoded Counts Shows the number of module objects geocoded, grouped by geocoding response.
admin_geocoding_test Created with Sketch.  Geocoding Test Run a single geocoding test with detailed display results. admin_geocode_addresses Created with Sketch.  Geocode Addresses Geocode your object addreses. This process may take a few minutes!
admin_address_cache Created with Sketch.  Address Cache Provides access to Address Cache information. This is only cache.    

Advanced OpenAdmin

admin_aos_settings Created with Sketch.  AOS Settings Change settings for Advanced OpenSales admin_aod_settings Created with Sketch.  AOD Settings Change settings for Advanced OpenDiscovery
admin_aop_settings Created with Sketch.  AOP Settings Change settings for Advanced OpenPortal image/svg+xml business_hours Created with Sketch.  Business hours Change the business hours


Maintain a list of releases for your product. Active releases are displayed in the Releases drop-down menus in bug records created within the Bugs module.
admin_releases Created with Sketch.  Releases Manage releases and versions    

Duplicate Check

Duplicate Check Settings Duplicate Check Settings Map the fields for which you want to find duplicates.    

Address AutoComplete

Address AutoComplete Configuration Address AutoComplete Configuration Configure address field mapping for Suite modules.